Short Stories and Other Oddities

…or, I could call this site “Why I’m a dingbat,” but that’s too on-the-nose. Hello. I’m S.L. Minton and I am a Jack-of-all-trades while mastering none. I draw, I paint, I sculpt, I write poetry, and prose, and the occasional song lyric or advertising jingle while juggling a husband, two children, ten dogs, and one very put-upon feline named Doctor Claw (and with good reason, too). Maybe you’ve heard of me but I tend to think most people that find this place get here accidentally. I refuse to toot my own horn for the smack of hubris would probably put me on the floor.

I have spent the majority of my life in the American South so you’re going to find quite a few colloquialisms and more than a touch of insanity in here. Fair warning, right? I am poor, white, Southern trash and the person that called me that once made sure that they did it when I was not actually present. I believe that sentence nicely encapsulates everything you will ever need to know about me and this sentence should be telling you a lot, too. Did I forget to mention that I am also cheeky? I apologize. Sometimes, I am more than a tad rude, other times, I can be downright lewd, and my humor can be nothing short of crude but I own it all, and gladly. Like me or don’t, I do at least attempt honesty and I phrase it that way because the only people that I ever met who assured me of their trustworthiness also then went out of their way to plant daggers between my shoulder blades. I’ll not do that and perhaps we’ll all be happier as a result. Even I learn, eventually.

This place is where I’m going to put stories I wrote long ago, maybe some poetry or artwork, and then I’ll start adding in the newer material as I write it. There’s a lot to place because I am marvelously long-winded and always have been. So, please, peruse at your leisure and if you like it or hate it enough to be moved to comment, then please share! Critiques are the sharpening stones against which I hold my stories so that they acquire a nice, clean edge for more even slices. The clean edge is important because each story contains somewhere inside a sliver of my soul. I’d rather not the jagged cut, thank you.

However you came here or why, I hope you enjoy your time here and I thank you for it.


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