Now, this one is going to make people mad but that’s alright; I was angry when I wrote it so the response would be proper.  My frustration tends to vent verbally and, if I’m in a musical mood, I’ll whip up things like this.  Yes, people are going to hate me for this… but they can stand in line.  It’s a long one and they’re gonna be there a while.  I suggest bringing a tent.



A’Murica the Shitstain

By: S.L. Minton

O’ thundering from cloudy skies
For crusty brown shit stain
For abused purpled black eyes
Above malnourished skin!
A’Murica! A’Murica! You need a flush real soon
‘Cause racist shit don’t need a bowl
And asshats need more room!

O’ crying for rich white whores
Whose shoes cost so damned much
A street where they can show them off
And make about five bucks!
A’Murica! A’Murica! You entitled, graceless fuck!
You’ll only bleed for dollar bills
Because you really suck!

O’ greedy fucking congressmen
Whose integrity sold quite cheap
A building where they can stand around
And mingle just like sheep!
A’Murica! A’Murica! Your Congress is a barn
Where shit lines every crannied nook
And every word’s a yarn!

O’ trashy redneck tv shows
That we drink up like swill
We’ll applaud those awful ho’s
While at the trough we’ll fill!
A’Murica! A’Murica! Really, what the fuck?
You threw out the good tv
So you could watch the muck!

    Why, yes, yes, I am an angry little person.  However did you know?  That’s a sarcasm you can cut like butter.  Use a hot knife ’cause it’s frozen.  😉


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